Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation is a soft hands-on manual therapy that helps your body’s ability to release unhealthy compensations that cause pain and/or dysfunction. Viscera is the internal organs in the main cavities of the body, especially those in the abdomen such as the liver, kidneys, and intestines.

Manual Physical Therapy

Manual Therapy is the main focus at JC Physical Therapy and are intended to improve a number of issues with patients with just our hands. This natural way of healing has many benefits such as decreased pain, increased range of motion, relax muscles, break up scar tissues and adhesions, and so much more!

Infrared Sauna

Our goal is to help patients resume activities of daily living, and our Occupational Therapist has the knowledge and experience required to achieve these goals. Our hand therapist will provide non-operative interventions, preventive care, and post-surgical therapy that will fit your needs.  Each patient is treated with the utmost care and quality treatment according to their specific needs.