Locally owned..locally loved!

"Great place for Physical Therapy.  The PT was able to determine which muscle exactly was injured in my shoulder and explain why and how the injury occurred.  Through a few months of physical therapy my shoulder is brand new.  The office had several different types of equipment and was very clean and organized."

-Rayman H.

"JC Physical Therapy is everything that physical therapy should be. A clean, open atmosphere that has updated equipment, a friendly staff, and knowledgeable therapists who care about their patients. 

I have been to several physical therapy clinics to improve my low back pain, which was injured in a car accident. Many of the places I attended weren't even close to providing the same experience. None were anywhere near as gorgeous on the inside. Also, many of the other clinics were run like convenience stores. They made me feel like they just wanted to get me in and out. And most importantly, the therapy I received was sub par. I have been a personal trainer for 13 years, so I do rehabilitative exercises with my clients all the time and am very familiar with proper form. I am very glad I found JC Physical Therapy, because they changed my mind about physical therapy altogether."
-Johnny K.