How many visits will physical therapy take?

How long will my physical therapy take?

This is a common question most people have when looking into beginning physical therapy. How many sessions will it take? And the answer is totally up to you! Our therapist will make a recommendation based on your specific case but it is ultimately the choice of the patient.

Results are seen faster with those that complete their home exercises therefore those patients require less treatment sessions. Physical therapy is just a stepping stone to get you in the right direction therefore it is important for patients to work just as hard at home as they do during treatment sessions. Depending on the severity of the diagnosis or injury, each individual will have a customized treatment plan with as many or as little sessions as they need. Each patient is unique and is given their own specific plan to help them heal the right way!

For example, with our delicate visceral manipulation manual therapy, treatment usually consists of 4-6 sessions depending on each patient, sometimes more, but the results are truly amazing. You and our physical therapist will develop a plan based on your needs.